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Indaden Radon Measurement primarily provides radon testing for real estate transactions. Licensed by the State of Illinois, we have been serving Chicagoland since 2003. Located in Schaumburg, Indaden is ideally located to serve the Northwest and West Chicago suburbs. Using Radalink radon monitors, accurate and secure testing is performed with full reports e-mailed usually within an hour after test termination.

Test Before You Buy.        Protect Your Health.
Why call Indaden for your next radon test?



· Indaden tests for radon gas only… there is no conflict with your preferred home inspector! Most home inspectors are not licensed to test for radon gas.

· Radalink radon monitors are used for the most accurate and secure testing possible. Monitors include tilt and power sensors to detect tampering.

· Expert communication to all concerned parties before, during, and after testing. A test authorization is presented to sellers prior to testing.

· Licensed since 2003, Indaden has years of  experience in Illinois radon testing protocol. Radalink is the world’s largest radon testing network.

· The full, easy-to-read test report is e-mailed to you and your client in most cases within an hour of test termination!

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